The 2014 Calender

Back in November 2013, a powerful typhoon that swept across the Philippines, one of the strongest storms ever to make landfall, cut a path of destruction through several central islands, leaving the seaside city of Tacloban in ruins and leading to early, unconfirmed estimates of as many as 10,000 dead.

So, in collaboration with my employer, BGL BNP PARIBAS, a well known bank in Luxembourg, I decided to make a calendar and sell it, mosty among the other employees of the bank, but also on the outside, and donate the money to the tsunami victims. 

We raised quite a bit of money and the management of the bank added the same amount

we raised on top of it.
I made the calendar on my Mac and had it printed in the bank's printing departemet (in-house) and a few people of H.R. helped spreading the word.

It just felt great to be able to help at least a little bit.

It was a wonderful experience.

Thanks to BGL BNP PARISBAS for helping me doing that.

This was the cover of the calendar.

It's just great to think of all the people who looked at my little creations every month for an entire year.


Thanks to all of those who purchased one.

These are just a few pages of the calendar.

I was thinking that maybe, if I'll make more elephants, I could eventually make something similar and donate the money to the Foundation (the NGO Elephant Family).
So it's up to you out there ..... the more orders I'll get, the bigger the chance to raise some money to donate.

Thanks anyway