How it all started


From July to October 2013, the Elephant Parade creations could be admired in Trier (Germany) and Luxembourg and of course, like everybody else, my husband and I went to see them. I must say, it was a wonderful experience. So many talented artists had contributed to that parade, as well as to all the others around the world, but seeing them for real was such a great thing.

At that point I didn't know neither the story behind it, nor did I know anything about the ARTBOX.

The Asian Elephant Foundation is no longer active, but Elephant Parade has chosen to partner with NGO Elephant Family for distributing its funds generated for asian elephant conservation purposes.

And one day, while browsing through the Internet searching for information about the Elephant Parade, my husband stumbled upon their shop ( and that's where he found the Artbox. He decided to buy my a couple of those. I remember that I wasn't really crazy about it in the beginning, had them lying around for  several weeks before I decided to give it a try. I made 1 for me and 1 for my husband and I took a picture which I posted on FB and at that was it for me.

Even today, 3 years later, I still can't believe I only stopped after number 65. Yes, I made (painted) 65 of these 15 cm high elephants, because the demand suddenly started to get bigger and bigger. Friends, Family, Collegues at work, everybody wanted one of my elephants and I had soooooo much fun making them.

Some people gave me totally free hand on the design, others just told me what colors they would like to have, and others gave me real theme, like Golf Player, Lumberjack, Vacation at the Sea etc.

Enjoy the pictures in the gallery.