About me


My name is Danielle, but everybody always kept calling me Dany, for as long as I can remember, so let's stick with that

I'm 57 years old, happily married, retired, no kids, but I do have 2 beautiful Maine Coon cats, Popeye and Pascha 

I've been a hobby miniaturist for over 20 years and my passion is building dollshouses and making as many items as possible myself to fill them, from furniture to all sorts of tiny accessories for decoration.



If you're interested in my miniatures, feel free to take a look at the page : MY BLOG


Je parle également le français, donc n'hésitez pas

Sie können mir auch gerne ein Nachricht in deutsch schreiben, kein Problem

An natiirlech gett hei och gären letzebuergesch gebraddelt :-)

Just wanted to add these 2 photos, so you all know what I have to deal with each and every day ..... LOL ..... and just so you know : if you think that these are 2 big cats, well, let me tell you, they are not yet 3 years old and we're not done in the "growing" department

... Once upon a time


... not so long ago